Product Catalog

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Packaged Salads
30933 Bite Chiq App/ched/crack 8/3.1 Oz 30935 Bite Chiq App/mjac/cran/cash 8/3.6 Oz
30934 Bite Chiq Apple/ched/pretzel 8/3.3 Oz 29484 Sld Manns Basil Pesto Nb 4/10.75 Oz  
28581 Sld Manns Cauliflower Rice 6/12 Oz   28499 Sld Manns Spicy Thai Nb 4/9.75 Oz  
26571 Sld Manns Swest Chipotle Nb 4/10.5 Oz   29485 Sld Manns Tomato Bolognese Nb 4/11.5 Oz  
14032 Sld Rp Chef Bowl 6 Ct 14033 Sld Rp Chicken Caesar Bowl 6 Ct
17913 Sld Rp Cran Walnut Bowl 6 Ct 19546 Sld Rp Santa Fe Bowl 6 Ct
30901 Sld Rp Slider Bowl 6 Ct 19547 Sld Rp Turkey Cobb Bowl 6 Ct